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Ultralight Campers Gallery

Ultralight Campers Gallery

Ultralight Campers – Imagine hiking with the woods and stopping for any break with a beautiful body of water-a sparkling river or perhaps a crystal-clear lake. You muse about whether there will be fish in there. Your head fills up with dreams-about a peppy school of perch or robust rock bass cooling off inside a deep pool.

And also as sunlight sets and you also commence to prepare dinner- an aluminum envelope of freeze-dried chicken stew-those dreams seem much more appetizing.

Many campers and backpackers want to try their hand at fishing. Some know There‘s nothing better than sitting using a quiet lake on the sunny day, hearing chirping birds and also the purr of your respective fishing reel pulling your line with the water. Those are days that result in the office seem millions of miles away. Suddenly You are feeling a slight tug upon the line.

A couple of moments later, you reel in which pretty speckled trout and realize another important reason for fishing : Tonight’s dinner is a heck of the lot tastier than that package inside the pack.

Still, despite all of the pleasure it offers, many backpackers and campers do not take into consideration fishing in the least. Maybe they are scared off by movie images of fly fishermen with 10-foot-long rods wading though raging rivers in big rubber boots. Or maybe they are just worried about every backpacker’s biggest nightmare : extra weight.

Well, luckily, you do not have to become an authority in fly fishing to catch trout. Nor must you weigh yourself down with many extra gear just to reach fishing on the backpacking holiday-whether for food, fun, or both.

The very first thing you will need to purchase is an effective, lightweight rod and reel. There are a lot of kinds available in the marketplace, but just a few are geared towards the backpacker or camper. Go within your sporting-goods store and let them know you would like an ultralight rod and reel. Several good models are simple to disassemble ; once apart, they use little space with your pack. It is better to get your rod and reel together, so that they fit right, a similar way you‘d buy hiking boots. A lot of these ultralight sets have their very own carrying case and together weigh less when compared to a pound. Other rods are so-called telescoping models that extend like an antenna out coming from the handle and turn to be so long as their full-length brethren.


The camper should understand about three basic kinds of fishing reels ; each is fitted to a particular kinds of rod. Casting reels possess a button upon the back which you press to release the line. The line is rolled up on the spool and housed in an exceedingly metal casing. Spinning reels are similar, except no metal casing covers the spool. They‘re less bulky than casting reels more enhanced suited to backpackers. Both kinds of reels use monofilament fishing line. When you would like to release the line on the spinning reel, you pull back upon the half ring until it clicks open. Fly reels are bigger, and don‘t have a lever or perhaps a button.

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