Flip Pac Camper Modifications

Picture of Flip Pac Camper

Picture of Flip Pac Camper

Flip Pac Camper – Pickup trucks are designed to haul around cargo, but sometimes you are hauling cargo which you don‘t need exposed towards the elements inside the open bed of your respective truck. It is situations like these where you have to consider purchasing a pickup camper shell.

Camper shells cover the bed of your respective pickup truck and give a protective roof over whatever you are carrying around. Not just could they be helpful for protecting cargo coming from the weather, but additionally secures it from stolen if you have to leave your haul inside the truck for the extended time period.

One potential problem to bear in mind when considering acquiring a camper shell for the truck is the fact that they may be a big hassle to remove and place back on frequently since they are so heavy. One great idea in order to make this a non-issue is when you have greater than one pickup, put a camper shell on part of them and utilize that truck specifically for hauling cargo that needs the protection. Otherwise, if you simply have one truck, ensure you have another person on hand to assist you remove and replace your shell whenever it is necessary, as it is not a one-person job.

Pickup camper shells are usually made out of one among two materials : fiberglass or aluminum. Each type has its own features :

Aluminum : These are generally made out of prepared standard molds and bought from various sizes, so you need to find and purchase one which fits the bed of your respective truck as closely as you can. Additionally they usually are not visiting contour nicely around your cab either. However, these are generally generally the cheapest kinds of shells.

Fiberglass : Most manufacturers make these from custom molds made to specially fit whatever make and model of truck the ordering customer has. They also will are available the right color to match your truck and therefore are usually made to contour and put in nicely all around the cab for the attractive look. These happen as being priciest shells, though.

There are a few different camper shell manufacturers, each specializing inside a particular kinds of camper shell. The most famous companies are :

LEER : Fiberglass shells

A. R. E. : Fiberglass shells

Lifetime Camper Shells : Aluminum shells

Snugtop : Fiberglass shells

Flip-Pac : Convertible camper shells (converts between cargo shell and camper for camping out )

Camper shells are so named because protecting cargo coming from the elements are not the only real thing they are employed for : you may also use them in spot where a difficult-to-set-up tent when camping out, or whenever you happen to become stranded somewhere and can’t or don‘t need to remain with a hotel. Pickup camper shells can add more functionality and utilize within your pickup truck and can also be a good investment for a number of purposes

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