How to Cut a Skylight in a Cabover Camper

Cabover camper exterior

Cabover camper exterior

Cabover Camper – Skylights can bring instantly additional light to the inside of your cab -about camper. Depending on the model you choose and install, they can also help in the camper ventilation if the skylight is a model that can be opened. Installing a skylight it can usually be done with a pen late work. To properly install your skylight, you avoid leakage problems in the future.  Draw an outline on the roof of your caravan where you want to install the skylight. If the skylight kit includes a template to mark the size of the skylight, place it on the camper. When you are selecting the location for your sunroof, be sure to choose a space that runs between the roof support beams that go from one side to another camper.
Make a hole in one corner of the sketch to the skylight with a ¼-inch drill bit. Cut the remaining contour using a jig or saws. Carefully remove the cabover camper trimming. With a metal file, remove any rough or sharp edges from the cut in the camper. Place the skylight to the cutting section and secure it in place using the included mounting hardware with the skylight kit. Move inside the caravan and install the skylight molding and frame around the skylight.

Install flashing on the outside of the skylight. Run a bead of silicone sealant where flashing skylight is the roof of the camper. Be complete and ensure all flashing is airtight. If any area is left unsealed water may be able to get in your camper. Remove any excess silicone after it has dried. Inspect the area for any openings or unsealed areas. When you are satisfied the skylight is completely sealed, you are ready to enjoy the cabover camper again.

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