What Is Pickup Camper?

Popular Pickup Camper

Popular Pickup Camper

Pickup Camper – Sometimes known as a truck camper, the pickup camper a simple compact camping device that fits into and above the bed of a pickup truck. Significantly less bulky than a full size RV, campers come in sizes ranging from a simple shell that encloses the bedside of camper shells that hang over the sides of the bed and lap over the top of the truck € ™ s cab section. A pickup camper only requires less effort to slide into place on the loading platform and can be removed and stored when not in use.

The basic pickup camper is a simple shell that fits over the truck bed and is attached to the sides of the bed with bolts or a series of spring-loaded terminals. The body of this simple camper is usually composed of lightweight metal and has small Plexiglas windows on each side of the caravan body. The height of the basic pickup camper is normally close to the same height as the roof of the truck € ™ s cab.

For many camping enthusiasts, a pickup camper an excellent alternative to a full size caravan or a camper. Providing a comfortable and safe place to sleep, campers cost much less than other types of campers. In addition creates pickup camper significantly less drag on the open road than towing, meaning that gasoline mileage is usually superior.

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